Odyssey of Hope: Central American Migrant Caravans
December 9, 2018 - Tijuana, Mexico - SARA ARTIAGA, 31 with their infant son JOSE MIGUEL ARTIAGA, 18 months old, from Honduras left Barretal shelter on December 9, 2018 and rest on the cold ground as they hide near border. JONATAN MATAMOROS, 36 and his wife with about a dozen others from the shelter make an attempt in the darkness of night to cross Tijuana-San Diego border near Playas de Tijuana. Eventually after a long night in the bitter cold, lying on rocks and hiding from helicopters, they reached the border but were afraid to cross since a Customs and Border Protection vehicle was parked on the other side. The women and children had planned to be detained but JONATAN thought he could run fast enough to escape past agents. As they walked away from their dreams, SARA said with despair ''I'm going back to my home Honduras, it's too dangerous here.'' They came with the migrant caravan and have been waiting in shelters in Tijuana in limbo, trying to decide what to do but with hopes of crossing the border to America. They started October 12 on their journey with caravan. They said they swam across the river, walking and hitchhiking through Mexico. ''We suffered, were hungry. No one told us the risks,'' said JONATAN. ..EPILOGUE: Though discouraged the family planned to try again this week after planning to get papers to prove they were married, but made an apparently spontaneous decision Sunday December 16, 2018 to cross with others to be detained. They were seen crossing by a photojournalist that said they looked quite sad, possibly realizing their chances of gaining asylum were slim and hopes for a future in America would most likely result in deportation to the county they spent so many months fleeing. (Credit Image: © Carol Guzy/ZUMA Wire)